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  • What are your plushes made of?
    All of my plushes are made from Shannon brand Cuddle 3 minky. This is the top of the line material and is a very soft and luxurious, short-pile (3mm) faux fur. They are stuffed with polyester fiberfill, with foam used for some details that can't be stuffed normally. Beanies also contain polyester pellets.
  • How do you make the eyes/details/embroidery?
    Eyes, facial features, and some other details are done with machine embroidery. I hand-draw every piece of embroidery that you see on your plush, and I use Stitch Era Universal digitizing software to make the embroidery file. I'm currently using a PFAFF Creative Vision 5.0.
  • Can I commission you for plushes I can then stock and sell in my own shop? (Wholesale)
    I'm going to go with no on this one. I am not a factory, so each plush you order could take up to two weeks to complete. So in a month's time, I would only be able to make two, assuming I have no other orders. This also wouldn't be cost-efficient for you, as I would still charge my normal rates per plush. So for 10 plushes, you'd pay a minimum of $2,000.
  • Do you sell your patterns?
    At this time, I do not. However, as I create new and improved patterns, I may make the old ones available for purchase. This is still something I'm debating.
  • Do you make kits?/Can you send it unstuffed?/Can I commission a partially done plush?
    No, no, and no. At this time I only offer fully completed plushes.
  • Can I make changes to the plush after you've started?
    No. Once the plush has been started, I will not allow changes to the pattern unless it's a detail I missed. You cannot change the size, pose, or major details of your plush once we've agreed on a price, as these things do change what I'd quote you, and I would have to remake the pattern.
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